Customer Feedback

"Just received a new Stubby QD Vertical Grip, and I must say that I am blown away by the design and quality! I placed it on my "clone inspired" Colt 6920. Thanks for making a great product."



“Currently in the Navy, and have used your product for seven years, GREAT PRODUCT!!”


"Hi y’all, I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your high cap mags!! I never had another brand that had such a strong and great quality. I was given a couple of your mags as a gift right before this last year’s hunting season and WOW!!! You make an amazing product and I just wanted to say thank you! Thank you and have a Happy New Year!"


“You guys are great!  Thanks for your products and support!” 


“Outstanding customer service. I just placed my 2nd order with TangoDown and just like the last one, within 5-10 minutes I had a tracking number and it was on the way… well done.”

Rob T.

“I don’t think I’ve dealt with better customer service.  I had an issue with a  few of my TD mags in my SCAR.  I got a very fast response time and offered a full refund or ship more mags out.  The issues are the fault of my rifle, so I declined.  But I got some very great tips, and Todd was a great guy to deal with.  You guys have me as a long time customer.  Thank you!” 

T. L.  

“I am a huge fan of excellent service and TangoDown exceeded my expectations!  After placing an order, I received notification inside of an hour that my package was being shipped!  Wow!  Keep up the excellent service.  I will look to TangoDown for future purchases!” 

David M. 


“I’ve got all of your Vickers Tactical products on my G21 Gen 4, and absolutely love them.  Best money I’ve ever spent!  Now just waiting for the release of the 45 Gen 4 Grip Plug & Slide Racker.”

Joe S.

“I am a very satisfied customer.  I have purchased many accessories from you with complete satisfaction.  Thank you!” 


“Great product, great company.  Thank you!”

John M. 

“Great products that I have purchased from you guys!  I was watching Larry Vickers live Facebook podcast on the new LAV Glocks coming out and he showed the grip plug with the Glock tool attached to it. I really like how you can use the Vickers magazine plate to get the grip plug off. Great idea!!!! “ 

John S.

“This will be my second order of two of your plus 2 mag extensions for the GLOCK 43. The first ones worked flawlessly with more than a 150 rounds through each of them. The look and quality is outstanding. I have a friend who has one of the popular and much more expensive aluminum ones. After seeing how well yours worked he’s going to retire or return it and replace it with your product.”  


“My name is Josh M., and I was an attendee at the Pat Rogers Memorial Event this weekend (8/20/16). I wanted to thank you so very much for your contributions to the event. The prize tables were packed with your products and they were highly coveted. I was able to score one of the Glock kits you donated and look forward to its installation!

When I took my EAG classes, Pat and Mike spoke highly of your team and products. Thank you so very much for supporting Pat when he was teaching and supporting his memory.”  

Josh M. 

“I ordered the Vickers Tactical Glock Magazine Base Plates, extended slide stop, and extended magazine release for my Gen 4 G21.  Excellent products, and customer service responded very quickly to my questions via email!”

Joe S.

“Just have to say your customer service is awesome!  Thank you Todd for your help this morning.  We love your products and can recommend them to our customers without hesitation.  Thank you!”

Desert Survival Supply 


“Hello, I just wanted to thank you for making a great product but also for making a ton of donations to the Pat Rogers Memorial event. I was lucky enough to win a box of your magazines. Thank you for what you do.”

Eric S.

“You guys rock! Greatly appreciated!”

Robert C. “Had a shipping issue.  Called them up and they corrected it without question.  Super happy.”
John J.

“Ordered an extended slide release for my G17 Gen 4 back in March or early April and put maybe 700-1000 rounds through it.  Was at the range this past Monday and it kept locking open, had three other guys look at it and they came to the conclusion that it was the spring in the release causing the issue.  I called TangoDown the next morning and explained what was going on and I just received a new slide release today in the mail along with some stickers.  Great customer service and great products as well!”

Jacob B. 

“Purchased a TangoDown/Vickers extended slide stop and grip plug.  Arrive on time, actually early.  Great fit & finish.  Would definitely do business with them again.” 


“Sent them an email today with some questions, not only did they email me back within an hour, they called me and answered my questions!  Great support! 

Jeffrey G. 

 “These guy’s customer service rocks!  Had an issue with a slide release.  These guys went out of their way to make it right.  Amazing customer service for only a $20 sale.  Thanks again!  I will definitely do business with you guys again!!” 

Dan Y. 


“Best customer service ever!  Wow, I’m in awe.  Todd fixed my issue so there was no issue at all!  Thanks guys!” 

Elmaj R.

“Great Company!  Customer service went above and beyond and will continue to support this outstanding company!!!” 

J.T. O.

“Just got my RTF2 Gray Tango, IT ROCKS!!  Companion to my G30s, that will be TANGO’D next!”

Jeff K.

“Thanks again!  I really appreciate your help getting me the correct part.  Was my error and you guys made it simple and friendly to remedy.  You will see repeat business from, no doubt.  Have a great one all at TD!!”


"I’ve ordered the Vickers Tactical Glock 43 Plus 2 magazine extension, and the full size Vickers tactical magazine base plates from you guys. Excellent Products. I’m very interested in purchasing the Vickers tactical extended slide lock, and mag catch.  Thanks for making unbelievably amazing products, and taking time to hear from customers."

Joe S.
PS. keep up the work.

"Just a note on the BP-4 and BP-4S. I bought one of each from BCM for a 10.5″ Pistol build. Great work guys…I looked around quite a bit until I stumbled across these. Perfect fit, texture, and quality product.  I put them on BCM 5.5″ Keymod rails and they look and feel great. My Surefire tape switch was my biggest problem until I found your BP-4S panel."


"My name is Casey and I have purchased many of your products and can say I love them all. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sending me a hat or shirt, so I can advertise for you when I’m at the range or at an outdoor show to let everyone know your products are fantastic."

Thank you.

"We love your GLOCK-43 plus 2 mag extensions.  Over 100 rounds through each without any problems what so ever.  The quality and simplistic design is Outstanding.  I shopped online and looked at about 5 of your competitors.  I’m very glad I chose Tango Down!  I will and have recommended you to others for mag extension products."

Warm Regards,
JD H., Lt. Col. USMC Ret.