TangoDown MK3 Rifle Magazine- 30 Round 5.56mm

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TangoDown MK3 Rifle Magazine- 30 round 5.56mm

TangoDown is pleased to present the next evolution of our Rifle Magazine product line, the MK3.

This represents an extensive step forward in our modular magazine concept. As a firearm is no better than its magazine, we concentrated on making the MK3 the optimum element for your rifle.

Design - The magazine body is a modular assembly, unitized and permanently bonded together for superior strength with no removeable floorplate. All feed lip and follower surfaces have been redesigned for smooth, positive feeding of M855A1 ammunition. Aggressive texture and ribbing cover all manipulation surfaces for positive, no-slip handling in any environment. Ammunition status windows are provided on both sides.
A choice of magazine shapes is offered, conventional Flat Bottom or our new unique monopod-use Round Bottom.

  Construction - Our advanced design allows for dissimilar resins to be joined together, to put the tensile strength, or high impact resistance in our magazine body where absolutely needed. The MK3 magazine upper component has extreme stiffness for feed lip rigidity and durability. The exposed MK3 magazine lower component features superior impact resistance with no floorplate. Easy, constant feeding is guaranteed by a bright white, anti-tilt low friction follower. A corrosion-free, heat-treated stainless-steel spring rounds out the assembly. Once assembled, all are permanently bonded together with advanced adhesives for decades-long life span.

Function - The MK3 slides easily into any single or double M4 style magazine pouch. Extraction is fast and secure with the heavily textured magazine body ‘steps’, manipulation positive with the fore and aft molded-in ridges. Magazine seating on a closed rifle bolt with the full 30 round capacity is easy, with no tapping. Loading is effortless, even by hand. Ammo status windows allow easy ammo checks, at a brief glance.
The Round Bottom is advantageous for competition or range drills/field use when ‘running and gunning’.

Cleaning - MK3 cleaning is fast and easy. The magazine body is unitized, with no disassembly required or possible. A quick blast with compressed air through the upside-down ported follower clears any small dust or dirt debris inside the body. Carbon coating due to extended suppressor use is easily cleaned with a hot soapy dunk and magazine brush (sold separately), then rinsed and left upside down to dry.

The MK3 is intended for 5.56 x 45mm NATO cartridge use and will work in any AR15 or M16/M4 MIL-SPEC pattern magazine well.

NOTE: If you have an aluminum billet or a molded polymer lower receiver with an oversized
integral trigger guard, the MK3 will most likely not lock into the receiver.


OA Length: Flat Bottom 7.62”/ Round Bottom 7.75”
Weight: Flat Bottom 4.8 oz / Round Bottom 5.2 oz



 Made in USA

 TangoDown does NOT ship outside the United States

 Due to legal restrictions, we cannot ship standard capacity MK3® Magazines to the following State*/Jurisdictions**:

*CA, CO, CT, DE, IL, MD, MA, NJ, NY, OR(*1), RI, VT, WA
- OR(1*) Due to pending legislation in Oregon, orders could be subject to
cancelation if Ballot Measure 114 goes into effect.
** Washington DC

 ***All MK3 Mag sales require MATCHING billing/shipping addresses in the United States.

****Restricted list may change as laws change. Orders placed for magazines in
magazine capacity restricted locations will have orders canceled.




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