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TangoDown Magazine Release Tool for Glock®

TangoDown Magazine Release Tool for Glock®

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Glock® pistols are famous for their simplicity and ease of maintenance in the field.

One Glock® Punch Tool is all it takes to completely service the sidearm, right? Almost… except for the magazine release.

Until now, armorers or shooters around the world had to resort to long screwdrivers to reach in the pistol frame, and release the magazine release spring. That, in turn, invariably lead to gouged-up magazine wells that won’t allow empty mags to fall free when they should. Damaged magazine releases were also a result.

Now you can keep that magazine well pristine and working like a combat pistol should with our GMRT-01 tool. Its specially formed tip is shaped to release the magazine release spring with maximum bite and leverage. You’ll notice the rounded tip is also highly polished stainless steel, that can’t damage the mag well or mag release…ever.

The ergonomic handle is also stainless steel for long, corrosion-free service. Also works on any pistol with Glock®-style magazine release, such as Smith & Wesson M&P, etc.

The ultimate Glock® tool for gunsmiths, armorers & shooters that have multiple mag release installations in one sitting or for detailed regular maintenance.

Made in Germany.


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12 Reviews TangoDown Magazine Release Tool for Glock®

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    TangoDown Mag Release Tool for Glock

    Posted by Bradley Douglass on Jan 17th 2023

    This tool made the job very easy, but it still scratched my frame. I could have saved my money and used a small screwdriver with tape on the end and got the same result.

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    TangoDown Mag Release Tool for Glock

    Posted by David Phelps on Mar 3rd 2022

    I was able to change the Glock mag release to the Vickers Extended mag release in about five minutes. I could not believe how easy it was. The hardest part was getting my wife to adjust the flashlight to be able to see in the magwell. This product was worth every penny to me to make the exchange from the Glock mag release to the Vickers mag release.