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Vickers Tactical +2 Magazine Extension for the Glock 43 VTMFP-006 43

Vickers Tactical +2 Magazine Extension for the Glock® 43 VTMFP-006 43

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Now available in Glock® Gray, Battlefield Green, Glock® OD Green
Glock® Tan Coming Soon!

When Glock® recently released the long-awaited single stack 9mm G43, shooters everywhere rejoiced. Finally, the Austrian brand had a truly compact concealable pistol that could be worn comfortably anywhere, anytime. The upside is the G43 has all of the features you'd expect from Glock®.

The downside is - it's almost too small. For shooters with medium to large size hands, the pistol grip is just too short, forcing a finger or two off the weapon when firing. Not the best form to control a 9 x 19 mm defensive handgun cartridge accurately. The 6 + 1 ammunition capacity wasn't exactly confidence inspiring either.

The fix just arrived. Vickers Tactical™ & TangoDown, Inc.® announces the +2 Magazine extension for the Glock® G43.

Injection molded of the same durable material used in the magazine body itself, the extended floorplate shape was designed to comfortably accommodate a proper firing grip. With 2 additional rounds on board, ammunition capacity is now 8 + 1 in the weapon. Also included is a new longer, smooth feeding heat-treated stainless steel spring, with 100% last-round slide lock backs that are guaranteed.

The VTMFP-006 43 +2 Magazine Extension consists of Extended Floorplate, Floorplate Retainer and Stainless Steel Spring. Kit converts 1 Glock® magaizine.

Fits Glock® G43 model ONLY

  • Extended shape allows proper firing grip
  • Longer stainless steel spring guarantees 100% last round lock back.
  • Increases magazine capacity to 8 rounds
  • Available in Black only


G43 +2 Schematic

OA Length: 5.75"

Weight: .04 oz

Made in USA


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VTMFP-006 43

11 Reviews Vickers Tactical +2 Magazine Extension for the Glock® 43 VTMFP-006 43

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  • 5
    G43 Plus 2 Magazine Extension

    Posted by Charles Willkomm on May 21st 2019

    This is a great mag extension for the G43. Adds about a half of an inch in over all length compared to the factory pinky extension and you add two rounds! No issues with the extra power mag springs either. I shot 200 rounds with one in the chamber and magazines fully loaded w 8 rounds. No jams and the magazines locked the slide back completely. Prior to installing the extensions and spring, I checked how low the top round on the factory spring and the back of the round would compress to the top of the primer. With the extension and longer spring I achieved the same compression rate with the top round. On the internet’ various people said the spring was too tight and created pressure on the round and stripper rail. Not the case at all. Either the spring was re-engineered or with Glock magazines you need to tap the bottom and then the back of the mag to “seat” the rounds. Otherwise, they tend to bind and not stack correctly. I plan on converting all 7 magazines that I have to the plus 2 Extension and recommend these to anyone looking for a plus 2 extension. The extension fits just like the factory base plate. No cutting, trimming or modifying needed to fit. The factory tabs remain and lock into the extension like the factory plates.

  • 5
    +2 magazine extension

    Posted by Mark on May 20th 2019

    I love it! 2 more rounds for the single stack! Excellent!