TangoDown / Hyperion FN SCAR Angled Charging Handle FNS-ACHA1


After mounting magnified optics and other accessories to the SCAR top receiver rail, charging the weapon can often force hands into optic mounts with painful results. The FNS-ACH Charging Handle is a one piece solid steel solution. The unique design is angled for clearance, allowing either up or down orientation, on either side of the weapon. Its smooth form is easy to ‘hook’ for positive round chambering, yet will not catch on webbing or kit, taking the weapon out of battery. Crafted from 4340 steel, then heat treated to 40 Rockwell with a black manganese phosphate finish. Fits SCAR MK 16, MK 17, MK 20 SSR, MK 16S, MK 17S.


OA Length: 1.80”   Weight: 3 oz.    Made in the USA