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TangoDown M-LOK® Stubby Vertical Grip - BGV-ML1

TangoDown M-LOK® Stubby Vertical Grip - BGV-ML1

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TangoDown M-LOK® Stubby Vertical Grip - BGV-MLK

TangoDown's battle proven Stubby Vertical Grip is now available for M-LOK® compatible hand guards. Our BGV-ML1 combines the function and compact configuration of our original Stubby series of grips with a novel new rail interface for any M-LOK® spec weapon fore end.

The TangoDown, Inc. Patented rail interface securely locks the BGV-ML1 Grip to any M-LOK® address slot. Just locate and tighten one set screw. That's it. Simple, rock-solid and quick to install or remove. Also reversible for right or left-handed shooters.

All mounting hardware is Mil-spec quality, from the stainless-steel fasteners with pre-applied Vibra-Tite™ thread locker, to the aircraft grade aluminum mount with TYPE III hard coat anodized finish.

The TangoDown BGV-ML1 Stubby Vertical Grip is the ideal addition for your M-LOK® carbine or rifle hand guard.


* Compatible with slotted rail systems meeting M-LOK® TDP

* Compact length, with comfortable injection-molded shape

* Mil-Spec quality hardware for years of rugged, failure-free use


OA length: 3.125"  Weight: 2.2 oz.  Made in USA


**M-LOK is a registered trademark of Magpul Industries Corp.



 1)  Loosen fastener inside of grip, but do not remove. Press upward on grip fastener to push attachment mount up from top of grip. Finish removing grip fastener, and remove attachment mount. Insert two jaws located at top of mount into an Mlok slot at the front of handguard, so you can inspect jaw engagement.

 2)  If you can see the jaws protrude through the slot and stand a little taller than the inside surface of the handguard, proceed positioning grip in desired slot for final grip use.

 3)  Once in place in desired location slot, tighten the set screw at the front/top of plastic grip with hex wrench. Tighten until snug with your hand only, and no fore/aft mount movement is detected. Do not overtighten.

 4)  Push the plastic grip on over the attachment mount, and reinstall the internal grip fastener. Hand-tighten as well until snug with no grip movement. Give set screw at front/top of grip final check and hand tighten again if necessary.

 5)  Once this procedure is completed, future removal & re-installation is accomplished by loosening and tightening single set screw at front top of grip only.





 TangoDown does NOT ship outside the United States.



1 Review TangoDown M-LOK® Stubby Vertical Grip - BGV-ML1

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    Comfortable, with a few quirks.

    Posted by CJ C on Mar 21st 2023

    I got a little more than I expected out of this grip, at first glance I just expected it to be equally cylindrical, however it features a very slight bulge that feels incredible in the hand. It honestly feels like you're getting a little bit of a hand massage when you grab ahold. That being said, This grip gets 4 stars from me due to its peculiar mounting system. It comes with no instructions and took me a few minutes to figure out what the hell I was supposed to be doing. It's tedious to mount and it can NOT be mounted halfway between 2 MLOK slots like your regular MLOK grip can.