TangoDown Battlegrip Flip Grip

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Now Available in Flat Dark Earth

BG-FG Flip Grip gives the specialized shooter the best of both worlds- in seconds, without tools. Choose between 24 degrees of rake or a true vertical position, quickly and securely. Select vertical – It’s perfect for PSD, extended prone or vehicle use and enjoy a relaxed strong hand wrist angle. Need to switch to a more raked angle for longer range offhand use? Just pull down on the lower grip housing and rotate 180 degrees to relock into position. It’s simple, quick to use and it’s strong. The Flip Grip comes with high grade stainless steel mounting hardware, ultra-tough polymer construction, installation tool and instructions.

BG-FG BATTLEGRIPTM fits all M4/ M16/ AR-15 type rifles & carbines, and MK 16S/ MK 17S/ AR-10/SR-25/MK11. Most weapon receivers configured to fit the M16/AR-15 type grip & ¼-28 fastener will also accept the BG-FG.


•  Innovative design offers 2 angles in one grip, quickly and easily.

• Comfortable, ergonomic form in either mode

• Aggressive non-slip texture




OA Height: 4.12”       Weight: 6.8 oz.

Made in USA

TangoDown does NOT ship outside the United States

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