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TangoDown FN SCAR Piston Removal Tool

TangoDown FN SCAR Piston Removal Tool

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Important Note to all Potential Purchasers!

2015 and later FN SCAR™ 16S rifles have a black plastic, internal cartridge deflector mounted directly above the chamber. This will prevent use of our PRT-FNSCAR-01 Piston Removal Tool, as the cartridge deflector blocks access to the gas piston tail. Inspect your weapon for this component before ordering!

FN SCAR™ 17S rifles DO NOT have this component, and are unaffected. PRT-FNSCAR-01 will work in ALL SCAR™ 17S rifles.


Precision CNC machined from impact modified nylon 6, the PRT-FNSCAR-01 allows easy removal of SCAR 16s 5.56/17S 7.62 gas pistons without damage or hassle.

Just remove the gas plug from the gas block and remove your bolt carrier group from the receiver per the weapon owner’s manual. Clip our tool to the front of the bolt carrier group and re-insert into battery within the receiver. The gas piston is now safely removed from the gas block for proper recommended inspection and cleaning.

Made in the USA.

TangoDown does NOT ship outside the United States


2 Reviews TangoDown FN SCAR Piston Removal Tool

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    SCAR Piston Removal Tool works like a scharm

    Posted by Charles Valenzuela on Apr 15th 2019

    Light weight polymer, works on both my SCAR 17 and 16 without any dramas or hiccups to quickly remove the pistons quickly and easily with neet to use a cleaning rod or similar device. Works in the dark! I don't carry a regular cleaning rod in my belt kit, so this is a real necessity to easily remove the piston for cleaning in the field.

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    TangoDown FN SCAR Piston Removal Tool

    Posted by Chuck Roberts on Apr 3rd 2019