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TangoDown ARC High Capacity Ammunition Magazine

TangoDown ARC High Capacity Ammunition Magazine

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When we designed the ARC® Magazine, we started with a clean sheet of paper. After looking at the history, design and shortcomings of conventional magazines, our vision became clear. We wanted the magazine you didn’t have to worry about when trusting your life to it. Here’s how we accomplished that goal-

Design leads the way with simple, ultra strong construction with no floor plates to fail or catch on other pouched magazines. Cleaning is fast and easy, with no disassembly.

Internal shape provides proper, 100 % reliable feeding of the host weapon, yet drops free from the magazine well with no ‘sticking’.

External form allows easy manipulation from your magazine pouch until it’s positively seated. Ribs and rectangular recesses see to that.

Material used in every component is the very best available. Spring durability far exceeds most weapons entire life span. State of the art polymer will not change dimensionally, regardless of humidity, and will take a beating that sends other magazines to the trash.

Available in 20 and 30 round capacities for M16/M4/AR-15 type weapons, in 5.56 x45mm NATO/.223 Remington chambering.

Due to legal restrictions, we cannot ship high capacity ARC® Magazines to the following States/areas: CA, CO, CT, HI, IL, MD, MA, NJ or NY

All ARC Mag sales require MATCHING billing/shipping addresses in the United States.


OA Length: 7.62” 30 Round/ 5.75” 20 Round          Weight: 7         Cartridge: 5.56  x 45mm NATO/ .223 Remington

Made in USA


TangoDown does NOT ship outside the United States

7 Reviews TangoDown ARC High Capacity Ammunition Magazine

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    ARC magazine

    Posted by Tom on Jun 15th 2020

    Came highly recommend to me & I can see why. Stellar fit & function. Run smooth & drop free. Fit in all my mag pouches (soe,hsgi,esstec) Will be ordering more. Great option

  • 5
    ARC Magazines

    Posted by David Holmes on May 5th 2020

    Been looking at these for a while and saw some mixed reviews, heard they went through a redesign, decided to pull the trigger, no bad pun intended. I really like them so far. They feed very well, and drop, almost shoot free from several different lowers. I filled them and dropped them from shoulder height onto carpet and onto hard laminate floor. I dropped them on the base and on the feed lips each time no rounds came out of either magazine. I will be trying some more. I'd still like to see a new gen with steel feed lips though, maybe a Tango Down AK mag too. Another solid product from TD.